My account suspended and i cant create ticket

Hosting Account


Error Message

An error occurred while trying to create your ticket. Please try again later.

my problem

My hosting account has been suspended and yes I understand what you are restricting I know Iโ€™m being stupid. Do you have a chance to return my ftp files? Those files are really important to me, I need files directly in all domains. I would be grateful to you if you could give back my files :slight_smile:
( sorry for bad english )

Unfortunately, we canโ€™t help you with that here.

Please try using a different device to create the ticket, and let us know if you are able to open it.

Also, no matter where you host your site, you should always have a backup of your files just in case something goes wrong.


Thank you for your answer. I forgot to take a backup of my site. If you have access, any chance to send ftp files linked to my and domains in my epiz_33728763 account?

note : I apologize for writing here, as I said, I cannot create a ticket.

i tried again and yes i was able to create a ticket.
thank you for your help have a nice day

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I looked into what actually triggered the error, and it seems that the domain name you selected for the ticket was too long for the ticket system. If you select a shorter domain name, it will work.

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