My account is deactivated

Username epiz_26429565, epiz_28871466, epiz_28897510, epiz_29223126

Error Message
I can see. my account is deleted. Why ?


Can you provide more information? How do you know that the account is deleted? Is it under the “Deleted Accounts” header?

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you can see. my all account is delete automatically

Accounts are not deleted without notice, once deleted there is no way back.

I didn’t break any terms of conditions and policies. Than why did you delete it without my permission ?

Please check your email for the reason, it could be due to inactivity.

I didn’t opened my website after longtime. Than how is it possible ?

I am not sure but once account is deleted, nothing can be done, sorry.

Something very similar keeps happening to one of my sites.
Almost no visitors (5 at most) and gets suspended for I/O limits

As you can see from the screenshot, each account was deleted more than a year ago. After you get the email notifying you that you were suspended, you have 60 days to create a ticket.

Since you did not resolve the issue with support, the account, along with all the files and databases, have been permanently deleted.

@PlayKittensInc, that is different. IO is only temporary suspension, and can also be caused by bots. The OP was permanently suspended.

I didn’t say it was permanent


I didn’t take any backup. And database also. Than how can you do it.

You didn’t share us full instructions before the registration. Than how can you say it right now ? It’s to hard to build these website. I already used too much money for these website. How can you deactivate or delete it without my permission ?

because you are using free domains and they have all rights over it.

Sorry, I must have mis-read that.

@Omkar_Shopping, the details are outlined in the TOS. A “suspension” means it happened automatically because you never contacted support after the accounts were suspended. If it took you a long time to build this site, you probably have a backup of it, and if it costs you money, why didn’t you act to get it back as soon as it was suspended?

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Yes. Because i am trying to more improve it. But some technical reasons was my computer is damage. So it’s not possible to recover it. I thought i have a backup in infinity free website. So that’s why i didn’t focus on it.

You can see. In login details. After the long time. I was login it.

The TOS states that users are responsible for their own backups, and InfinityFree is not responsible for any content on the servers, nor content that has been deleted from them.

Unfortunately, your accounts have been deleted. There is no way to recover them or their files. Feel free to create another one! Hopefully this also serves as a lesson to always take a backup. It would be horrible if something like this happens again.