My account has been temporarily suspended


Due to MySQL Usage Limits, my account has been suspended. May I have this restored? My website will remain free until I have the funds to upgrade.

My website address is

Instead of waiting six hours for the system to be back online, I hope this can be resolved as quickly as possible.


Unfortunately, like the client area states, your account will be activated when the 24 hours are up, and no sooner. The only alternative is to upgrade to premium.

Thanks for your understanding.


Would you be able to provide me with instructions on how I can upgrade my website when the time comes? As soon as I have the budget, I will upgrade.

I like to go from to when I upgrade. How can I do that?


Sure! Everything you need can be found here: iFastNet Premium Hosting - InfinityFree

You can also but a domain name when you signup for premium hosting!


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