My account has been suspended

Website URL

Error Message

suspended site

Other Information

I am the only person using the site as it is still in development stage and I do not do anything funny with it, I just edit source, refresh, click some links and repeat all over again

why was it suspended?


You can find more details about the suspension in the banner located within the account viewer page in the client area.


I have no idea, I’m refreshing the page after every time I edit the CSS/JS files, maybe server decided it was spam

It was activated, out of the blue, just like it got deactivated, I dunno what was that about…

what does it say on the panel

In the account viewer page, look for the status history button. You can find details there.

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I found “Deactivation history”, it does not list the reason for deactivation

Then the website was not suspended, but something else must have happened instead. Without more details about what you saw, I can’t help you

It seems that your accounts were briefly suspended. The logs on my end show some files were flagged, but it seems like a false positive to me that was quickly identified and fixed. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.


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