My account has been suspended?!

My account has been suspended. I updates the files and now I should upload the photos for the site but I can’t now.
I haven’t done anything wrong!
If my photos have been deleted, Infinityfree will have to pay for it!

your account will be suspended for 24 hours, not removed! so your pics aren’t removed and infinity free doesn’t need to pay for it. however to control it to don’t suspend again:

Always check Account statistics from


Also, check the Client Area for the reasons of the suspension. If it’s suspended because of abuse, you may get back the account by submitting a support ticket. If it’s suspended because you hit a Daily Limit, your account will be reactivated after 24 hours.


Your account was suspended for abuse.
There is No limit on how much you can upload on free hosting servers!
There is NO limit on how many pictures you can upload on this free hosting server.
I have not abused this!

Then submit a support ticket to let the support ticket team know that your website is not abusive.

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Just a note. Uploading pictures related to Pornography, Violence and anything that’s not allowed in most sites, Is not allowed on neither free hosing and premium one


I upload pictures of Trains / Railway in Finland. All pictures taken by me. I have now submit a support ticket.
This is just soooo funny I forgot to laugh.
This is my hobby. I’m not making a profit with anything. I have to buy everything myself and pay for it myself. That’s why I chose InfinityFree.

it also looks is suspended mistaken or due the weird reason. however. it’s okay to contact :slight_smile:

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Im sorry youve had to go through this
iv seen thease kind of posts,from others, almost Daily .

so i presume it will be my turn soon
in which case im gone.

What is wrong with this picture??? I needed to delete this


as i said before:

it also looks is suspended mistaken or due the weird reason. however. it’s okay to contact
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How do I contact the administrator. I want to now why! One time wrong suspension is one suspension to much.
I want to now what is in the pictures that did it!!


That’s actually not true. Although there isn’t a hard limit on storage space you use, you do have limited inodes (files and directories). If you have lots of images (and/or other files) you may have exceeded that. That’s why I’d recommend hosting images somewhere else, and then embeding them on your website.

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Inodes Used 1 % (332 of 30019)
Disk Space Used 86 MB

Admin will tell you why it’s suspented. Just be patience until he back


This is bullshit !

they can tell you which headers. you’d ask them again about which headers they mean


They don’t say :sob: They only want me to delete the picture :sob:

since you can have it in your computer. download it then remove the pic from your host. since they aren’t much active. they make bots to send you this message and of course a bot cannot read human messages. probably someone will tell you wat’s going on. don’t worry :slight_smile:


I hope that. I tried again without any luck. These answer comes fast. I hope admin will see this soon