My account has been deleted

my account was suspended due to inactivity and after some time it got deleted. Now please tell me how can I again activate my account without losing any data.

Wow… Lots And Lots And I Mean A… Lot Of People’s Account Are Either Suspended Or Deleted What Happened @Admin

Your account has been deleted in last June. And when I say deleted, I don’t mean deactivated or hidden, I really mean deleted. Your account and all it’s contents have been completely purged from our servers, so there is no way to get it back.

@ClicketyClacketyClic InfinityFree has lots of users with lots of accounts who, through the normal processes, cause lots of suspensions. And many suspensions end with deletions at some point, so there are lots of deletions as well.

I do think that the 3 day deletion window for inactive accounts is quite short, but even accounts suspended for abuse are deleted after 60 days, and so this specific account would have been deleted anyways if @Ink_N_Diode only remembered it now.

So, as far as I know, there is nothing unusual going on.


I think something is unusual and needs thorough examination because I have been receiving high CPU usage email from past four days, even though my website did not receive a single traffic. Today, at 12:00 AM, my account finally got suspended.

You can read my complaint here: Account suspended for no reason - #4 by Admin

Let’s not use this topic as a site to complain about our suspension policy, shall we? This is a topic about @Ink_N_Diode’s deleted account, and nothing else.

If you want to discuss policies, please create a separate topic for that.

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