My account got suspended.

I putted some of my software (with a.exe b.exe etc… at the end of the file) And my updated index.html. then was going to my site to see the changes. and then it redirected to
Then i seen that my account is suspended.
i have submitted a ticket so i can undo the changes and upload them on a other server.
And i have some questions: What i did wrong ? and Do i lose all my data on the site after being unsuspended ?

Uploading exes was likely considered suspicious. After all, uploading exes is also done when uploading viruses so they can be linked from other places. Also, using our hosting for file sharing is also not allowed, so not many sites contain exes.

Also, it’s a suspension, not a deletion, so all account contents are not touched.

ok. i think that i uploaded the wrong folder.