My account don't removed

So I just tried to delete my account and it has to be deleted in 07/05/19 dd/mm/yy and It won’t so can I ask admin why my accounts are dont deleted when I waited for more than 60 days?

It will be deleted soon, there is probably a line of accounts waiting for deletion. You said just now, right?

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No I waiting for nearly 5 months :confused:

What is the username of the account you’re waiting for to be deleted? I see one account which was deactivated in late November, which is roughly around the 60 day period.


Yep this one: epiz_23869972

The account epiz_23869972 was deactivated yesterday. Yes, the account was deactivated before in May last year, but it was reactivated again in October.

Accounts are deleted 60 days after the last deactivation, not the first one. So by reactivating and deactivating the account, the timer was reset.

So everything seems to be working at intended, and you’ll just have to wait longer for it to be deleted.


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