My access logs stuck

hello H.
my access logs stuck on Feb. 26th

I was waiting for a few months thinking maybe they will be created when the new month begins (folder 03 or 04 and then start working properly) but none of it.

Thank you for your time

I don’t know. The logging system is rather complicated so I don’t know why it would suddenly stop. It’s extremely hard to debug. If this is a common issue, we need to dig into it, but if this is just a single, isolated case, we’d rather not put a lot of effort into fixing it.

wow I’m so **!**lucky
why the CPU counter did not stop working :smiley:
if I need logs to send an abuse report I hope someone’s gonna help me and give me the access logs.
OK, thanks for answer and the effort

Hello, my access and error logs are also stuck. Lately, I started getting a lot of warnings about EP failures, but I can’t trace the cause because the logs are not working. Any new info on this issue?

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Not really. It affects some old accounts for unknown reasons. Log collection works fine on new accounts.

I will also jump on this train of reporting. My access logs have also stopped displaying.

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welcome to the family :slight_smile: