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i’ve got a small problem with the MX records and the whole e-mail system. I bought a domain and 25 e-mails on another website (Ionos), but i switched to InfinityFree for hosting. Since i needed to change the nameservers, i am not able to receive any e-mails anymore.
Is it possible to change the MX records on InfinityFree to the ones, where i bought the domain (Ionos), in order to receive the e-mails in the Ionos webmailer.
Or do i need to upgrade InfinityFree to premium and use their webmailer with their MX records?

Yes, it is possible to change MX records to the ones of your email hosting provider in order to receive emails in the Webmail of your provider on free hosting.


Thank you, i’ve already tried this around 48 hours ago. Still no difference, should i just wait longer?

If you use Cloudflare’s cPanel integration: MX records and subdomains are now broken with it. If you want MX records and subdomains to be working again, while still having Cloudflare protection, disable the cPanel integration and add the domain to Cloudflare manually.


I use Cloudflare, but how do I know which one im using? Im new here, so im sorry if i ask dumb questions.

The Cloudflare integration in the vPanel which is the option in which you’ll see in the Control Panel.
The Cloudflare (not an integration) is the one in which you’ll have to manually add your domain to their service by going to their Dashboard and add your site there. To login to to their service, you can use your InfinityFree Client Area login credentials, if it does not work, try resetting your password in their site.


Thank you :slight_smile:
I deactivated the Cloudflare integration in the vPanel, i will take a closer look tomorrow on how to add my domain manually. Any tutorial suggestions for that?

Yes I do have a suggestion.

First of all before you start adding your site directly to Cloudflare, make sure that you’re nameservers are still using the InfinityFree nameservers because once you try to add your domain on Cloudflare they will automatically scan any existing records that you have with the InfinityFree nameservers, this includes the A record (Which is very necessary because this will point to the InfinityFree servers so that you’re site will still show up).

So when Cloudflare is finished scanning your DNS records, Cloudflare will automatically add them. Once Cloudflare is finished scanning, it will provide you the nameservers that you’d have to use and that’s when you can finally change your nameservers from the InfinityFree ones to the Cloudflare ones.


Thank you very much, both of you helped me a lot. I wish you an amazing day and i hope you are doing well in this hard times. :clap:


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