MS FrontPage not resolving images

Just to make sure I understand the issue correctly:

  • The website is working fine, and always has been. The problem is with MS front page (Or other local WYSIWYG editors)
  • In the WYSIWYG editor, you enter the URL of the image you want displayed that is uploaded to a web host.
    • If you link to an image hosted NOT on IF, it works
    • If you link to an image hosted on IF, it does not work

Assuming the above, when the editor calls the server to request the image, the security system is triggered and the image is not returned. It works if you link to an image on a different web host as other providers may not have the same systems.

As for working in the past, this system has been in place for as long as I can remember, so perhaps you were using local image copies or those hosted elsewhere?