Moving My Content From One Subdomain To Another

I created a site a couple of years ago with a subdomain, the name of which I don’t want to use. I created another subdomain with the name I want to use. I did that because there was no way I saw changing the subdomain I currently had, so my idea is to create the new subdomain, then move all the content from the old one. I am stuck on the moving the content part.

Actually when I click the File Manager function, I see that the new subdomain is a subdirectory from the root directory where content will be. Ultimately what I want is for the new subdomain to be that root directory, and to end the old subdomain entirely. How is this done?

Not possible on free hosting. It has to be new subdomain/ htdocs
What you can do is moving content from htdocs to new subdomain/ htdocs
using filezilla

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