Moving folders with FTP

I have loaded a website onto InfinityFree which works perfectly. However, I have now realised that I should have created a sub-folder rather than loading everything directly into the top level of htdocs. It means that I cannot use the InfinityFree webspace for any other general subject because the top level is a protected directory with .htaccess, and access would require a password which I do not want for general use. I would prefer to leave the top level unprotected, and only protect the sensitive sub-folder.

My website already includes about eight sub-folders. If I create a new sub-folder in htdocs, is there any way I can easily move all the existing folders from the top level of htdocs to this new sub-folder without having to load everything afresh into FTP to transfer them to the new sub-folder ? Each sub-folder contains a lot of large files and so with a relatively slow broadband connection, it would take a long time.

I could of course create new webspace with InfinityFree with a sign-post to my sensitive webspace, but that would involve another SSL certificate which I would prefer not to have to do. I point my private https:// domain to InfinityFree, which would give an alert if pointed to an insecure general website.

It would be so much easier if there were just a “Move” facility but my old FTP software does not have one !

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

It sounds like a “Move” (or “Rename”) operation is exactly what you need.

Moving/renaming a file can be done entirely on the FTP server without having to transfer the files to and from the server. Copying can’t be done that way.

With FileZilla, you can just open the FTP connection, select the files you want to move from the main htdocs folder and drop them in the subdirectory.

In our web based file manager, you can select the files you want to move, do right click → Cut, move to the new subdirectory and do right click → Paste.

Since there is no data transfer, it should be nearly instant.


Thank you again so much for your help. That works brilliantly. No problem at all.

Ironically, I had just completed a Trust Pilot review for InfinityFree before seeing your kind response. My review was very positive and my confidence in InfinityFree has been rewarded once more !

I am so grateful as I was dreading the FTP alternative.


Just a quick follow-up. With Directory Protecion or .htacces / password, how does one “Sign-Out” ? The only way I can find of doing it is to delete Browsing History in Chrome but I wonder if there is a better way ?


The Directory Protection system uses HTTP Basic Authentication, which doesn’t really have a way to handle signing out. Although this person on StackOverflow describes a nice workaround:


I feared as much. Thanks for the confirmation. No problem really.

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