Moved to Premium, IF account removed after lack of use, just a question


I understand that from lack of use, IF accounts get deleted. I am okay with mine having been deleted, as I had moved over to premium and have the account hosted there at Ifastnet. I just wanted to ask if you could confirm that all of my data on that account, on all domains, was definitely deleted, and that the content was not accessed by the team other than deletion, as it was password protected blogs. Thanks!

if you manually deleted the account, it would be completely deleted after 60 days due to “legal obligation’s”. If you were inactive for 15 days or so, it would be automatically deleted by the system (bots).

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Welcome @bfcg91!

Yes, once the account is gone from the “Accounts” screen, it is permanently deleted. Since IF does not create backups, there is no other way for the data to be stored.


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