MongoDB drivers

Hi, i am creating my own page and application, in the page I have a properly registration with the infinityfree mysql, but isn’t remote, so my app pretends to have a login/register system too, but like I said before, that mysql isn’t remote, and I would like to syncronize all the users between my page and my application, so:
Q: how do i do this? Ans: Using another database. Q: What database I found?: Ans: MongoDB Q:Why I do not use it? Ans: I can’t modify php extensions.
Then I was reading in the forum that isn’t possible. So I would like to ask you if you can do something.
Otherwise I will have to stop my app project.

PD: Sorry for my probably bad english

Build API data access with using cloudflare

First of all, even if a host does support remote database access, you should not ship login details to the database with your app. It’s fairly easy to reverse engineer an app and obtain any credentials stored in it, meaning anyone who gets the app can retrieve any data stored in the database. And you wouldn’t be the first whose publicly accessible, unprotected MongoDB server would get hijacked.

You should really consider building an API server application which your mobile app can interact with instead, and restrict access to the database to the server application you can control.

Sadly, you cannot host applications like that here, because InfinityFree can only be used to host websites (which generate HTML to be displayed in a web browser).