Mode Security


Admin can you disable mod_security, because I lost some of the icons for it:


supposed to be like this:


(wasntme) (wasntme)
Username: fceu_19256640

Well, we can’t disable mod_security because as the name suggests, it’s quite critical to the security of our servers and the websites hosted on it.

What kind of URLs does the script generate and what makes you think mod_security is responsible for this?

maybe you can see this:

I just checked the topic, and the Oxwall devs make it sound like mod_security definitely is the problem. In that case, I don’t think I can help you. We simply cannot disable mod_security.

Hi Admin,

Same issue with my newly created site missing icon on messaging chat box.

I don’t know why the icon were block by mod_security.

Is there any way to trace why it was blocked? maybe just a rule that needs to be adjusted without disabling mod_security?


Hope you can help us on these.

Thank you!

I think javascript is blocked by mod_security?

I think javascript is blocked by mod_security?

(Almost) every website uses Javascript, so blocking Javascript with mod_security would be insane. And probably very complicated.

The problem isn’t with Javascript, it’s that Oxwall seems to generate very weird requests for the icons, which is why they look suspicious and are blocked. It’s a design flaw with Oxwall, really.

yeah you’re right Admin, its not about javascript. The problem is within the image named after the word “chat”. I don’t know what’s going on why it was blocked perhaps? :slight_smile: