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On my InfinityFree website I have my art, stories and poems. The art has loaded fine, and most text. Somehow just one story keeps disappearing - the others are there, just not one. On that page two images appear but no text at all. Please tell me what is happening? How can I fix it? I tried a few times. I do not get any error message, and all else is fine. Thank you!


I am not going to search your entire site for this one story. Can you share a direct link? And what do you mean by “missing”, what shows instead?


It is blank, no text shows at all. I tried re-posting on a separate new page, but again, no text - here http://ashlleymorganshae.com/htdocs/Marks.html Sorry I know so little, and have not used a forum before. Thank you

Take a look at the source code. You never closed the image element, so the entire story is under the alternate text for the image.


That is the text, so it is invisible? I do not know what I did, usually I just Save and Upload. Should I remove the images and try again, only have text? Or do I need to separate the images further from the text? Is the text trapped somehow under an image text-box? Sorry I do not have knowledge about this. Thank you so very much for looking, and helping.

The text is set as the alt text for the image. I think you need to learn a bit more about HTML before you design a website.


Yes, I had help in original making, and yes I know nothing about html. I will try again removing the images first. Thank you for sending the link. It is 1.30am here, so will look tomorrow. Thank you so much!


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