Migrated wordpress on subdomain instead of origin domain

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Hello, I have imported my Wordpress site from my existing server to infinity using the import tool on Softaculous App.

I have updated the config.php with the correct database information and I added the code to define the subdomain url address.
Also I did change the site url and home url to the subdomain in the Infinity Database.

However, when I type my subdomain into browser it redirects me to the original domain.
Also I am not able to enter wordpress admin on the subdomain.

How can I fix this, so I have a copy of my entire site (it’s live on existing server) on my subdomain in InfinityFree?

Pls read…

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Prior to uploading ur database, you shd change all links in database from http://old-domain.com to http://new-domain.com


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