May I ask something?

My site is not getting any error…

But I am going to do a query that will insert 2000 row in database. …in a single .query

I’m doing a payslip distributers …

Will my site be suspended? If I done it

Yes. Try to split it into multiple parts.

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No, this should be fine. After all, you need to be able to backup and restore databases here too, and those can involve queries which much more than 2000 rows.

If you do queries like that a lot all the time, that may become a problem. But a bulk insert query itself should be no problem at all.


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Thank you for the answer admin… it’s a bulk request per week… I think I won’t get much to heat up the server…I also try to reduce a fecth by caching it into a file…

Is a cache file will affect my . Site if it became bigger . ?

I will save the tech file instead of fetching evertime…

What can you recommend… fech everytime or safe it as file … to use it next time…?

Thank you in advance Admin

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