Max number of Inodes for free account?

I need to know what the max number of Inodes a free account has. The reason I need to know this because when I was logged into CPanel last night. I noticed that my Inodes usage was in the read. And CPanel stated that I had used 34894 out of 30019 Inodes. Okay, I can understand that there is a limit. But, isn’t that supposed to be a hard limit and I, or my website, not supposed to be able to add more files to the site once I reached 30019 files/directories?

Because of this I searched the support forums for any information on the maximum number of Inodes a free account has. And I had found that there is a conflict of numbers. I had found two different maximum number of Inodes. And nether of them is 30019. What I had found is that the maximum is either 80000 or 50000 Inodes.

So, which one is the maximum, 80000, 50000, or 30019?

Also, I need to report a possible problem with the Inode reporting in CPanel. Since I could not get a hard number as to the Inodes. I went through my site and deleted out a backup directory and a few other directories and files that were not needed at this time. All in all, I had deleted over 14000 files and directories.

I then waited for 3 hours for CPanel to update the Inode usage. But it did not change in that time. So, I waited until today to log in and see the status of my Inodes usage.

What I received was a surprise. Instead of my Inode usage decreasing, it increased. CPanel is now reporting that I have used 35278 Inodes. This is not right.

With this obvious problem in mind. I use my FTP client to download the complete website. And I then checked number of files and directories that I have for the website. What I have found is that I have only 7431 files and 1581 directories for a total of 9012 Inodes. That is taking up 79.5MB of disk space. This does not include the DB for the website.

So, how can CPanel show that I am using over 35K of Inodes when I have less that 10k in files and directories?

If the counter in the control panel says max 30,000 inodes, it means there is a maximum of 30,000 inodes. The inode counter there is the only one which is updated automatically whenever the setting is changed. When in doubt, the numbers in the control panel are correct.

As to why the counter wasn’t tripped before, I don’t know, I can’t tell you how the inode limiter works specifically. But I am sure the counter is accurate, considering it uses low level file system tools. However, the counter is not updated immediately, there is a delay between deleting stuff in your account and the counter being updated.

The counter right now is only 36% filled, which is pretty consistent with the 10K files and directories you mentioned.