Matomo won't install

I just tried to install Matomo on my free hosting plan.
I understand it won’t be fast, but as long as it’s working it’s fine.

So, I uploaded all files to the server with FTP and I opened the web installer.
But after clicking the “Next” button to go to the second step of the installer, I get this error:
Matomo encountered an error: Maximum execution time of 20 seconds exceeded (which lead to: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Bestand of map bestaat niet)

It looks like this is a server related error. Has anyone successfully installed Matomo on InfinityFree hosting?

It looks the given data for mysqli are incorrect. However. it seems you have given localhost as database host. in I.F Database hosts are not localhost

to see what is your database host. go to cpanel and mysql databases area


The hostname is
But it would be strange if this would have been the issue as the setup doesn’t require MySQL to run. The page that doesn’t load is the (setup) page that checks the server compatibility (and MySQL too)

then you’d try this:

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