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My problem

Hello, I am trying to make a PWA, but my file appmanifest.json does not get sent correctly. I believe it is getting overwritten with the protection script. Below are some images showing what is happening.

Here is what is the file manager

Here is what is being sent to the browser

Also when I go to the file’s URL it showed the correct thing from the file manager

Please read this, it might help you to understand the security system:

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Ok, So how can I fix it?

Cloudflare works apparently

??? How does that help? I can’t use it anyways because I only have a sub domain.

Get a free domain from Freenom

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free subdomains can’t be added to cf.
Instead get a freeone from freenom and add it.
(Cloudflare disables the security system)

*Uh oh KangJL replied :pensive: *


Ok thanks

Haha, gr8 minds think alike…

It helps because you asked and I answered, if it doesn’t help, oh well, but It may help others whom come across this.

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Thanks that worked!

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