Malwarebytes reports my new site as "riskware"

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Error Message

Other Information

This is a new domain over the last couple of days.— could that be the problem?
Apparently this problem has happened before, but I did not see a process to resolve it.
I successfully created and installed an SSL certificate, and as of last night, it appeared to work.
Today, one of the people who went to the site reported this.
At first MB gave no objections, but after updating, I got the error report above.

InfinityFree gets used for spam alot, so many malware programs detect InfinityFree sites as risks. Just exclude your website in Malwarebytes.


Sure, that works for me.
However, there may be a few other people who might not want to take chances.
I guess I’ll have to find a host that is trusted.

Would a custom domain work?
In other words, is the “” part that is causing Malwarebytes to puke?

Try it yourself, but it looks like MB is blocking the IP, so a different domain might not do anything.


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