Make header/other things fixed

I wanted to make my header like (position: fixed) but there I can’t find a way to make that possible.
I tried editing the CSS in the file manager but it is all spread around in all files so it takes a super long time to find all the things. Isn’t there an easy way on the infinitytree site editor to make something position:fixed?

First of all, if you are referring to the site builder, then clearly state so. There are hundreds of ways to make a website on InfinityFree so always include what way you’re using if you’re asking how to do things. InfinityFree is a web hosting service, not a hosted website builder, so make sure you specify what you use to build your website.

The site builder does not have a CSS editor and you should not edit the generated files manually (they will be overwritten next time you publish your website from the builder).

If you want full CSS customization, you can write the HTML website manually or use a CMS with a proper theming system. The site builder is for people who don’t know HTML and CSS and for whom using a CMS is overkill.