Major issue with account deactivation. Admin please help

Hi there. I joined up with Infinity Free a couple of days ago to host my website build after reading a lot of good things.

On the 12-5 at 17:06 my account was deactivated due to high CPU usage (I have no idea how this is possible as my website is extremely simple in design with a few low res images being uploaded)

Now yesterday at 17:06 (exactly the same time) I get the same email to say my website has been deactivated due to high CPU usage. How is this even possible? It hasn’t been shared or posted, no one has been visiting it.

Im starting to think that this feels like some sort of ploy to get me to try and pay for a premium account.

Could an Admin please have a look into this and let me know exactly whats going on.

Would be very much appreciated,

Thank you

Hello there,

In the Client Area there should be more information there on why your account got suspended and a knowledge base article link is also attached for you to read so you can learn more about your suspension and how you can make sure that your site will not reach the server limits.

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I’ve read through it. There is no possible way I myself am creating CPU spikes. My website is so basic with little resources and the website is receiving no traffic at all… it makes no sense… and both suspension at exactly the same time? Absolutely no way this is a coincidence

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