Main domain name causes problem

Website URL:
( not working )

Error Message:

No error message


I have a problem with my domain name while i try to add another domain record to InfintyFree.

My problem happen when i try to add “www .mceteams .net”.
It says to add “mceteams .net” directly instead of “www .mceteams .net”.

I am using Google domains and when you ask to add “mceteams .net” in dns record it’s will send an error message “it’s cannot be empty”.

And when you type “mceteams .net” in your’s URL bar, it’s will redirect you directly to the “main page” ( You can set the default main page as any link as you want in Google workspace mine is “menu .mceteams .net” not “www .mceteams .net” ).

So when i try to record “mceteams .net” as an domain name ( in infinityfree ) there’s two way to do it:

  1. Register a CNAME record
  2. use NS but i need to replace Google’s NS

But i actually wont use it because it’s causes many problems to my others dns records:

  • It’s replace all my DNS records ( Everything )
  • Cannot register my own DNS records
  • And add unknow pages or something else to an un-registered DNS record is created.

( Exemple: if you type “dskreter .mceteams .net - Exemple” it’s will redirect you to and page who says “create your own web site” etc and not to the default page “unknow url” )

Because of that i cannot record “mceteams .net” (www .mceteams .net) as domain name in infinity free and with that i cannot have my main page.
( i will turn back “www .mceteams .net” as default main page on Google workspace ).

Do anyone know a solution to fix this problem or not.

I forgot to specify what i wont use.
So i wont use NS record to register mceteams .net for infinity free because of the specified problems written

And CNAME doens’t work.

If you don’t want to use our nameservers, you don’t have to. With the CNAME validation, you can add your domain to your account with us while being able to keep using your other preferred nameservers.

Simply setting up the validation CNAME record and adding the domain to your account does not impact any services currently active on your domain name. Any existing website, subdomains, or email will keep working.

After adding the domain to your account, you can setup DNS records at Google Domains to point your domain name to our hosting. And because you still have full control over your own DNS, you can decide exactly which services you want to delegate to us and which you would like to keep as-is (like email).

You could even keep your base domain hosted elsewhere, and only setup subdomains on our hosting. Again, you are fully in control.

So I don’t know what issues you’re having. Domain validation with a CNAME record should just work, and not impact anything that’s active on your domain.

Could you please tell us what exactly you want to do right now and what issues you’re having doing so?

Just to note: if you’re having trouble adding DNS records at Google, you may want to ask Google for help. I’ve personally never used Google Domains so I cannot tell you how to configure certain records.


So i retried to re-register CNAME and it’s was working back again.

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