Lost Email/Username

I forgot my email and username is there any way to find this out?
I only have this link.

Link → http://naava.rf.gd/


If you forgot your email address there is no way to recover your account. I recommend that you open each of your email accounts and use the search bar to search for “InfinityFree”. When you get a match, you know you found the right email address.


Please choose the right category for your topic. If you have a support question, please ask it in Hosting Support, not in Informal. It very clearly says it’s not for support.

As for your question itself, I looked up the domain naava.rf.gd, you can see that there is no website on it. I also checked our systems but there is no record of this domain. So if this was your website before, it has likely been deleted already, which means there is nothing to recover in the first place.

So if you want to host a website on that domain again, you can create a new account for it.


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