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epiz_26765089 https://www.voorbeeld-site.com

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Other Information

The site was listed as unsafe by Google and Microsoft. For Google I had to verify that I am the owner. To do that I had to do something with the domainname server. This morning I discoverd https://www.voorbeeld-site.com wasn’t working but https://voorbeeld-site.com was still reachable. So I tried to correct this but now is everything gone.

Please, What do I do to correct my stupidity?

Can u include a screenshot of the nameservers andyour dns

To verify the site on google you have to add a txt or cname records not change the nameservers

I know. But it was impossible to add a record with ns1.epizy.com. When I changed it to NameSilo’s DNS server it became possible.

I reversed it this morning. I checked again a few minutes ago, and now I have https://voorbeeld-site.com back again. However, you will be automatically redirected from https://www.voorbeeld-site.com to https://example-site.com. That is not a problem in itself. So maybe https://www.voorbeeld-site.com will be fine this week too.
Regards, Jan

Could you try visiting the not working site in a Private Browsing window? It’s possible that your browser has cached the bad page.


Then why dont you use cloudflare with the domain

I just did, thank you for pointing it out to me.
Regards, Jan

I think I know why it only shows vootbeeld-site.com. By creating the new WordPress site it saw only voorbeeld-site. com.
So now WP redirects it automaticaly to voorbeeld-site.com
I can change this in WordPress but haven’t had time yet.
Regards, Jan

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