Loop Detected/Database Connection Error

The server terminated an operation because it encountered an infinite loop.
Additionally, a 508 Loop Detected error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Error Establishing Connection to Database
I’m encountering these errors on my first day of hosting on this website.
Is eveything alright with Infinity Servers? Though Its free but website works really slow with no plugin and theme installed and I have encountered these errors.


I see the default getting started page. Can you share the exact URL where you are getting the error?


I’m also getting the default getting started page. Have you cleared your cache?

Have you tried using a VPN, incognito, or a different browser?


It’s fine now. It gets fine when I clear data but Im still encountering these issues. May I know how can I fix it? Is that error only for me or my viewers will also have clear data in order to see my web?

I believe your website is violating TOS

I guess this could also mean max connection exceeded due to nature of your website as well as the choice of using WordPress


Is clearly a movie sharing site

Very cool excuse


You’re sharing pirated movies. Movies are indeed great for entertainment, but sharing them illegally doesn’t make it OK because movies are entertainment products.

What you’re doing is illegal and we cannot condone such activities on our services. And all but the sketchiest of hosting providers won’t allow this either.

You’ve published it on a publicly accessible web URL. That counts as “sharing” in our book. If you were just testing, you could have done so on a XAMPP stack on your own computer.


I just checked and I see you’ve moved your domain to Go Daddy’s nameservers, and deactivated your account with us.

So it seems you’ve made your decision regarding staying with us. Given the purpose of your site, we cannot host your site anyways.

Because of that, I’m going to assume you don’t need any further help with this issue, so I’m closing the topic to avoid derailing it any further.


You do not care but IF does not condone such activities.
If movie companies sue IF for copyright infringment, are you going to pay for the damages?