Logo Image in OJS not showing


logo image not displayed

in the next post i will show the result on the inspect element

i already put proper directory location and whatnot but still. the image i upload in the logo upload box in ojs is stil not diplayed in the frontend

Your logo is linked to this URL: http://studentresearch.online//home/vol13_4/epizy.com/epiz_28188868/htdocs/public/journals/1/pageHeaderLogoImage_en_US.png
However, there is no image at that URL. Make sure you have the URL correct, and that there is an image in that location.


the image is already in the file manager linked from htdocs public files. htdocs/public/journal/1/

Ok, you need to change the URL of the logo image to match the new location than.

I don’t think you did. I think you put the full path to the server directory in your URL. Everything from /home to /htdocs should be removed from the web URL.


where should i change it?

how can i change it?? bec, upon upload, it automatically used that link.

it work!!! i change the url as instructed by admin! thanks a lot. i change it in the config


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