Locking directory for multiple users

I’m trying to create multiple users for a locked directory. Presently I have two user names with their individule passwords. When logging in I have to enter both user names and passwords to gain access.

Any advice is much appreciated.


Use .htacces (Go to directory Privacy in the control panel, enter the page you want locked, and enter the username/passwords you want to be able to use to access the directory)
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You can first add your first user. Then, in the protected directory, you’ll find a file with htpasswd in the name. Copy the contents of that file and put them somewhere.

Then, try to add the second user. This will remove the first user. But if you then look for the htpasswd file again, you can add the contents of the previous attempt to the current file (on a separate line).

You’ll now have two users and password for the same website!


Open this page:
Type the new user and the new password that you want. In the “Mode” field choose BCrypt:
Copy the generated code to the clipboard.

In InfinityFree, open your .htpasswd file and insert that new line below the one that is already there.
You can have multiple users with different passwords, one per line.

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Thank you Greenreader9, much appreciated.

Thank you KangJL, much appreciated.

Thank you alexvf, much appreciated…


Got it working once I noticed that my editor was removing the period before the file name. I wasn’t able to edit the file with infinity free’s editor. Thanks again, have a wonderful day.


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