limit for uploading on wordpress?

Hello! im a new user here so i dont know much but when i successfully installed wordpress and tried to install a theme that was bigger than approximately 6mb , wordpress would give me an error that the maximum upload size has been exceeded and it had something to do with the php.ini file in the install directory. After some digging around i found out that the php.ini file is not always automatically created and so i downloaded a php.ini file with the proper parameters and uploaded it to my domain’s directory on which wordpress is installed. To be specific in the wp-admin folder. However even after this i had no luck and the error persisted. After some more digging i found out that some hosting providers have set a limit themselves and the limit can only be changed if you specifically ask your hosting provider. Therefore my request to infinityfree is to please increase my upload limit so i can take full advantage of my wordpress site. I would also like to add that i am very pleased by the services that freehosting has provided so far and i plan to use this hosting service throughout the near future and i might even upgrade to the premium plan one day! So please if someone can tell me the upload limit for infinityfree hosting and how to increase the upload limit so i can install more plugins and themes i would really appreciate it and it would really help me!

Well, you can’t just upload a file, call it php.ini and expect the settings to be used. We set the limits for a reason, so you can’t just increase them. After all, we don’t want to host file sharing sites.

To install your theme, you can just extract the archive on your computer and upload it to the wp-content/themes/ folder, after which you can activate it from the Wordpress admin interface.