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Hello, i have a freenom domain that I add to my hosting account. CName verification went fast, but i’m stuck issuing Let’s Encrypt SSL.

Screenshot from 2022-02-09 22-32-43

Yes i was right, Let’s Encrypt doesn’t work. @Greenreader9 kindly announce this issue, and admin kindly check.

Due to rate limiting?
Why not try ZeroSSL?


I more prefer let’s encrypt tbh
OK I’ll go with ZeroSSL


Screenshot from 2022-02-10 06-43-12

this is weird, zerossl also fails

Funny, I have no issue earlier on. SSL renewed without a hitch

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I have requested a certificate for testing. I’ll let you know what happens.


That’s due to a bug in the code or rate limiting

I just checked it and it seems that this is caused by a bug in the code.

Since last night around 21:00 UTC, it seems like no Let’s Encrypt or ZeroSSL orders were being processed.

I just deployed a fix for this. Any orders that are pending should go through now, but if your order is Failed, you’ll need to request a new certificate.


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