Legrandpari.epizy.com/wp error connecting

My website was properly working and suddenly without any modification done to it, it can no longer connect.

Is it general or specific to my files?
Thanks for your help,

Is your account alright?
This happens sometimes when you enable CloudFlare.

No cloudfare activated…No recent modification at all.
FTP is alright, infinity and online file manager are fine.
The website is the only page not functionning and i have no admin access to my wordpress.

Ohh, is the .htaccess file is also alright? Sometimes, these main files causes errors

Those files are the same as when the site worked, no changes…
There is not even access to the url legrandpari.epizy.com

As I can see, there is some internal error. Try clearing your website ftp directory. If the site works, this means you have done a mistake in coding.

Goto to your site in ftp - in the folder htdocs, clear all the files.

well if I clear all the files, for sure, nothing will show up after…

very strange as i deleted all files and the error message has not changed…
My htdocs is empty

now, I installed wp again from scratch and same error is showing, must be a system problem…Anyone can help at infinity?

I have the same problem. I’m so much frustrated. I can’t do any progress, my day is just dead.

So, if clearing files could not work, it seems that your ip address is down. You should probably wait for few hours to few days. If you need immediate help, you can ask @Admin for help.

Ok Please @admin help me as no work can be done without accessing the pages…
Will the admin see my message?

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here is also out of the air is server error

There was an issue with the server your website is on. This issue has been fixed now and your website seems to be working from here.

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