Laravel database

I host laravel project in infinityFree and connect database.
I check all configuration and set all value for database but i can’t access database other views without database i can access.
I found server error 500.
Please support me as soon as possible.

you need to display errors via alter php config. IF not supports laravel well

Laravel >=5.6 does now support PHP 7.3, so you can install it or apps that have that version without problems. If you have problems, do what @anon19508339 said.
InfinityFree has now PHP 7.3 as default, but some modules are not installed, so if there are some issues, it’s up to you to solve them by enabling Display Errors from Alter PHP Config.

An error 500 means that the code crashed. But on it’s own, it doesn’t say much about why. In order to learn more, you could:

  • Check the storage/logs/ directory for any error logs generated by Laravel.
  • Edit the .env file and add/replace the APP_DEBUG=true variable.
  • Enable display error in the Alter PHP Config menu.

Like @anon19508339 said, getting Laravel to work on our hosting is hard, because Laravel was not designed with web hosting in mind.

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