Just bought premium but account still Suspended


too much Inodes used

I just bought premium and my account still suspended, why ??
Please, fix, all website in this account still no available.

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You will have to contact iFastNet at https://support.ifastnet.com then create a accoung (do note that its different account with your hosting account) then make a ticket, ask them to transfer your free hosting account on infinityfree to your premium hosting account. thats pretty much it!


It’s working.

No, tri again :confused:

I just did. It’s working fine.
It’s probably a cache problem on your side.
This is the result on a online browser.

I try in private navigation, same bad result :confused:

see : Capture-d-e-cran-2021-03-25-a-18-22-25 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

I need Authorization Code, where can i get it to tranfer ?

hmm i dont know. Ask them

Short answer: you can get it from your domain registrar. It’s used to transfer a domain name, not hosting.

More information is here:

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