JS file not working

epiz_27757503 or webhunter.epizy.com

Error Message

my website is not loading JS code and when I click on JS file by going to ‘view page source’
I get redirected to : https://infinityfree.net/errors/404/

Other Information

I request you to help ASAP

Do you upload your files properly?

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Your actual JS file is returning 404, make sure you have uploaded it and that you are putting the right path in the document.


yeah they are well uploaded and they are even working in local machine
i tried many times but its not working

Can you show what you can see on your FTP?

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Okay, found your problem.

In your index.html file, your putting js/index.js as where the JS file is located. Change that to index.js and your page should work.


thanks myan
i didn’'t noticed that

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The same goes with your CSS file, which I didn’t notice. Change that to just style.css.


thanks man you are amazing


If you use a / as the first character, it moves to the home page of the site. If you don’t use a / as the first character, it will be specified to the current directory.

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