jQuery uploading and usage troubles.

Hi everyone!

I’m working on getting a little project of mine up and running and I’m having a bit of troubles getting jQuery to work. Any time I try to upload jQuery.js or the .php file grabbing it from a link it gives me the following error:

  • Error 403 - Bridge response error, please check the API docs or this ajax response.
    Furthermore, if I try editing an already existing file to try and get it working I give the following response:
  • An error occurred uploading files

Am I missing something obvious or is it just a glitch on my side?

When opening your website, I see a 404 error when getting your jquery.js file. I don’t see any file like that in your account either. Everything else I see is related to jQuery being missing. Can you try to upload jquery.js to the htdocs directory?

Hi, thanks for the prompt reply.
That seems to be the exact problem, every time I try uploading it to htdocs / editing a file already in htdocs to reference it through an online repository I get the two previous errors.

Oh! I only just noticed you are referring to a problem with the file manager in the control panel, not with your website! That’s an important distinction.

I don’t see any errors logged from the file manager with your account ID. Can you open the network log in your browser and check the exact response of the 403 error?

Okay, so I’ve done some digging.

I was originally using the filemanager (red button on the right) that was directly linked to by infinityfree from the account’s page. This would simply give either a 1) or 2). Both of these were not webpage crash errors, but rather a little red bar that appeared until the popup that tries uploading the files for you.

  1. Error 403 - Bridge response error, please check the API docs or this ajax response.
  2. An error occurred uploading files

After reading your post I dove into the control panel (green button on the left) from the account page and used its ‘Online File Manager’. (first tool, top left, under the subheading of Files from the vistapanel)

Luckily for me, this actually solved my problem with regards to uploading files… but the files themselves aren’t being used by the webpage. Calling for the jQuery.js and style.css from the webpage doesn’t actually use them and thus none of the functionality that depends on them… well… functions. >_>"

Hi again, just popping in to said that things are working! Whoop whoop. No idea what happened, but I suspect that it was probably cache troubles or something.

Anyhoo, thanks for the prompt replies, it’s nice to have an active Admin here. :smile: