jQuery not working


My website works perfectly locally but since uploading the jQuery functions and plugins are not working either at all or as they should across multiple browsers.

Does this service support what I need or is there something I can do to make this work?

Hello! As far as i know, JQuery and other javascript libraries are working fine here when used.

Please describe more than just not working. Localhost and servers work differently.


After inspecting in your code @ponymaree, i see non-existing files used in line 36:

<script src="jquery.min.js"></script>

Can you please check the filename and if that file really exists?


Importing jQuery doesn’t seem to be the problem here. Either the version of jQuery your using doesn’t support the plugin your using, or more likely, the plugin has not been imported.

jQuery runs within the browser of the visitor. A hosting provider could only break it if they tried really hard to do so, which no (sensible) hosting provider would do.

The issue, like @JavesPotato said, is that the jquery file itself is missing from your website. Please upload the missing file. Or if the file is already there, make sure you’re using the right URL to that jquery file.


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