Joomla Template Issue

I’m playing around with Joomla as a fun experiment, currently placed at

I’m trying to implement a new template (like a website skin) for it but I get this error:

An error has occurred.

0 Class ‘JRequest’ not found

I got the free gaming template from gamesitetemplates dot com

When I look at the site to see if the template applied successfully but I get this error:

500 - behavior::caption not found.

Apologies for any simple fixes that you have to explain to me as I’ve only just starting playing around with Joomla.

This seems to be caused by a code removal in Joomla 4 that affected templates that were originally written in Joomla 3:

You can try getting in touch with the authors of the template you’re using to ask them if they plan to update it, or look for a different template:


Am I able to downgrade to 3 from 4? Or should I do a fresh 3 install?

I’ll look into contacting gamesitetemplates as well, thanks.

If your hosting account is already PHP 8.2, both options will not work


Okay, thanks, consider this closed then hehe

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