Javascript error on API call

Username: epiz_27961343

Website URL :

Error Message

This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support

Other Information

I get this error returned everytime I run an AJAX request, but I have JS enabled in my browser because my website is based in AJAX to work

From the mentioned above url i am trying to hit the server in that same hosting with another subdomain “”. i am getting errors in all the API calls but if load that URL directly in brower works fine


It is not a file sharing, we just used some normal json response based API to get the data from database. it is not a file sharing

Did you read it?

yes i have read it. wil infinityFree support API to fetch the data

You have to host your api in the same subdomain of your website, not in different ones.


yes i tried that as well but get the same error.

Still i am getting same error. i tried by putting a folder there and get the api call but it is giving same error

A bit of digging, your api still tries to get data from “”, Can you please put your api data in the same site instead of saying “still same error”? I can dig into the issue if you do this.

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Earlier it didnt worked now it is working fine thanks :slight_smile:


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