I've assigned a new domain to infinity free but I can't create another account with it.

I have an Infinity Free account with a domain, and I did the whole process pointing the new domain to Infinity Free, but when I go to create another account, it says that the domain is ok, but it doesn’t belong to me and if I want to add it to another account I have to delete it from the other account, but I don’t know which account that is, it doesn’t appear to me. Please help me solve it! Thank you.

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Can you share what that domain you’re trying to add is?


If you created the domain with one account first, then that account is the account that holds the domain. A domain can only be linked to one account at a time. If you want to link that domain to another account, you’ll have to delete it from the previous account first.

If you don’t know which account the domain is linked to, the Domain Checker in the client area may be of use. If the domain is assigned to one of your accounts, it will tell you which one it is.


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