Its saying "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /panel/indexpl.php on this server."


Error Message


You don’t have permission to access /panel/indexpl.php on this server."

Other Information

if I try to change error page, Redirects then it comes like that error message

Screenshot from 2021-01-30 19-46-38
Works fine for me. Perhaps server hiccup?

maybe but I try like 20 times but it didn’t work :frowning:

also I can’t edit .htaccess

Any errors? you can only edit the htaccess file which is in htdocs

ok thanks but I need edit errorpages but I can’t

This has happened before with the Redirects tool. It was caused by security rules which would thing the URLs being entered were harmful. One particular case was fixed then, but there may be more.

So if you still experience this error in either the Error Pages or Redirects tool, can you please say specifically which URL you are setting the thing up for, which error code (where applicable) and, most importantly, which URL you are pointing it to?

Error Page change error : “Error, 9385928349285635786 please contact support”
I can’t find redirects error code and in error page I try to set “”, “”, “”, “”, “


As far as I can see, your custom error pages do not appear
when, say, I request a file or folder that does not exist e.g.
after that this html should be called automatically

Can you check the .htaccess file inside the htdocs folder?

using file manager (MonstaFTP)

you should have this code inside (literally)

if you don’t have it then C/P and save

# error redirect
ErrorDocument 400
ErrorDocument 401
ErrorDocument 403
ErrorDocument 404
ErrorDocument 503

if there are some more lines of code inside - pay attention that you are only editing those lines that concern error redirects to error pages


Because a redirect is not an error. What would you expect to happen with an error page like that? People should be redirected to the desired target page, not an error page, shouldn’t they?

I just tried setting those error pages on It worked perfectly fine for me.

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thanks!! It working now! everybody thanks for helping me

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