It's been 72 hours but my site doesn't show up

hello: I waited more than 72 hours, but I don’t see the website. What is the problem? website: account: epiz_34037310


Please upload the files to the htdocs folder of your domain


file uploaded, but I only see this for 4 days

try clearing your browser cache as its probably still showing the old page


that’s not the problem, it’s the same image when accessing from different devices

Dear Moderator, where are you???
How can I contact your support team? There is no one who can explain why my website is not working. I did everything properly.


Looks like you changed something since the last time I checked
now your domain leads to 404 error page

have you accidentally deleted the htdocs folder ?
or something is wrong with the .htaccess file ?

otherwise everything is fine with this below



try visiting this address (www variant)

If you are not patient - you can help yourself with this and speed things up
P.S. most routers need a restart to pull new settings


I have an index.html file in htdocs folder, I didn’t delete anything else, there is no other change.
the website looks like this again.

I see that after you bought the domain, you transferred it to Amazon
and you recently directed it to this hosting

And please don’t touch anything related to DNS anymore
because every change in DNS again results in additional waiting due to DNS propagation.

Have you tried anything from what I mentioned? www-link or ?


Can you FTP (e.g. with file manager) to this location :

and make a screenshot so we can see what you have there ?

P.S. this is not related to your “problem”, but to the 404 that I see.

Hm, that’s odd.

Can you open the “htaccess” file in editor mode and take a screenshot of it?

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Is that the only domain you have?

Do you have another htdocs folder above?

or if you have more than one hosting acc, check on some other acc ?

Today a folder named was automatically added and there was a htdocs folder in it, I deleted it.

finally :slight_smile:

recreate everything you deleted

or simpler

go to the control panel
and remove the domain from there
and they add it again (addon domain)

and the folders that should exist will be recreated
and don’t delete them !!!

then upload index.html

to this location (starts with your domain name)

each additional domain has its own folder (space) and its own htdocs
that’s why we see 404, because you deleted what was necessary…


I hope there will be a change.
Thank you very much for your help. :heart:


ok now I finally see something

but it seems broken
you are probably missing a lot of files

take extra care to upload all necessary files

a lot of pictures are missing, etc
as well as some folders like img/


seems to be working now, well done :smiley:

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