Issues related to WordPress and one of its many plugins

Hi there, I don’t want to seem like I am throwing my problems with a specific plugin in WordPress on this Forum page, but I really have no other choice.

A few days ago, I bought a theme from the popular theme creator “Duck-Themes” I bought the Hoka theme. I used their theme called “Baza” before and have installed it using a plugin called “One Click Demo Import”. It was fast and straightforward. I then changed the theme to Hoka and realized I need to use a new plugin called “Unyson”. I installed the content import extension for Unyson thinking that it would be as easy as the other plugin. I tried and tried, even editing the WordPress config files. No use. I get the same error “The execution failed. Please check error.log”. I was wondering if anyone could help me. If a meet a trusted person, I will be happy to give you access to my website to sort out
Screenshot 2023-08-06 155916
the issue.

Thanks in advance,

We don’t store error logs from websites, so there is no log file you can check. That said, you may be able to get more information about this error by enabling debug mode in WordPress. That should cause any errors that occur to be shown on the page.


Is there an error.log file created? What does it say?
Can you share it (making sure it doesn’t hold something sensitive)?

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Hi there Admin, I have turned on the debug mode but don’t see any errors relating to this error, I will share any debug logs if you want, feel free to ask.

Unfortunately, there is no error.log file, I have been searching for it forever. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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That makes sense. The error.log file is generally stored somewhere in /var/log/ and we don’t keep logs there; we don’t keep logs anywhere for you. If you have a log in your hosting account, great, but you don’t.

This seems like a plugin developer’s error to me, so there may be no way to fix this without contacting the developer.


Is it possible to see if it is an issue with the plugin? I really don’t want to waste countless days contacting them. You seem trustable and also have a role that is very trusted, is it okay if I send you my FTP or WordPress Credentials to investigate this issue?

I want to avoid exchanging credentials. When I get time later, I’ll try downloading the plugin and see where I get.

Also, if they’re not responding during regular business days and hours (provided that you’ve given them at least a day) and they still haven’t responded, that may not be the best developer.


Oh ok.
Admin, is it okay if you check on the error, or a developer/moderator can?
I trust you all in giving WP or FTP cedentials.

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to do that for you. If there are problems with the hosting, I’m happy to investigate. But I’m not going to troubleshoot your website code, or whatever software you may have installed.

If you can prove that this is caused by a hosting problem, and provide clear reproduction steps, I’d be happy to look into it. But I don’t want to spend my time taking apart user websites because there is a configuration error or a bug in the code.


I am 70% sure it is something to do with InfinityFree hosting but I don’t know what, to reproduce this error you need to:

  1. Install Unyson and a Unyson-compatible theme.
  2. Install the Backup and Demon extension for Unyson.
  3. Open the Tools tab click Demo data import and then click install on that page for your theme.
  4. Wait for a bit and the error should pop up.

I have sent the LOG to your mail in InfinityFree.

I see this

Which means plugin has not been updated for quite a while.

My advice?
Do not use it!!!


I have no choice but to use it. I spent 68$ dollars on a theme that requires this Plugin.

Since you spent $68 on theme, why not upgrade to premium hosting?

I don’t live in the US, buying that theme itself was very expensive, and now buying a host will not help at all.

I have fixed the issue, thanks to all who have helped me! The issue was the PHP version, it would be cool if you had the option to downgrade to PHP v7.4.


Most accounts are actually still on PHP 7.4, but we would like to change that as soon as possible. PHP version selection is a premium only feature, free accounts will just get one, up to date version of PHP.

Also, I would get a refund if I were you. If you pay $68 for a theme now, you should expect it to work on the most recent versions of WordPress and PHP. This theme doesn’t seem to have been updated in years and clearly doesn’t work on modern PHP versions.

I’m not going to spend my time to setup a completely new website, purchase a theme with my money, to investigate an issue with your site that maybe could be related to our hosting. A freelance developer will likely charge you $100+ for that for just the setup and troubleshooting. I’m not going to do that for you for free as a service after already giving you hosting for free.

You already get the hosting for free, but it’s your responsibility to build a website that works on it.


It’s fine because it is not the theme at fault, it is the plugin they used. Also, I didn’t want you to purchase the theme, I wanted you to test the plugin which is free to download also do you have recommendations for good hosts that have the PHP version change feature and that is cheap? IFastNet is good but is there alternatives? Also, sorry if I seem to be forcing your around trying to do something that I only get benefits for, you have given us enough by giving us InfinityFree. Thank you.

My number one recommendation, by a VERY long margin, is to get a refund for this theme and find a theme that is still being maintained. The plugin hasn’t been tested with new versions of PHP and WordPress. And WordPress also recommends using PHP 7.4 or higher, and being stuck to older PHP versions may cause problems with WordPress updates down the line.

So you’ll be stuck with an outdated theme on an outdated version of WordPress on an outdated version of PHP. That’s a great recipe for getting your site hacked.

Downgrading the PHP version should only ever be considered as a stop gap measure, so to keep your site running while you’re preparing to switch to a new theme. If you just bought this theme for a new site, don’t invest effort in this theme and go straight for something that’s future proof.

PHP version selection is available with many premium hosting providers. iFastNet has it, but it’s not unique. I will recommend iFastNet because I know it’s good, and also because we work closely with them. Alternatives do exist, but I cannot provide recommendations from my experience. And discussing competing hosting offers here is not acceptable.