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Connection not secure

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I have installed ZeroSSL cert on my website and it shows me that the connection is not secure and it’s SSL certificate is not trusted I tried waiting for hours, VPN and using other browser


What is your websites URL?


No issue


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I’m seeing this everywhere
(Don’t look at tabs lol)

Can you please tap the triangle and see if you can get some more information about the the connection security? It would be a lot easier to fix this is we knew why your phone’s browser thinks the connection is not secure.


Sry for late reply but yea here see this

ZeroSSL’s Intermediate is not built in to every device, I personally don’t recommend using it.
I would recommend using GoGetSSL.

I had issue with ZeroSSL before too (if Windscribe is turned on), which is a bad impression to your viewers.


Can’t even add my website to SEO because it shows it’s not secure bruh

I even tried gogetssl it’s still unsecure

Can you click the certificate information button after clicking the triangle?

it works for me without any issues

Idk it’s not working for me it shows it’s insecure and NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID

GoGetSSL and ZeroSSL are both Sectigo partners, so I’d expect both of them to be equally trustworthy. Most modern browsers and devices should just trust those.

But without the CA chain, browser/device support is limited. And you can’t upload a CA chain on free hosting. So I think that there is just no way to fix this.

If you had a custom domain, you could use Cloudflare for this. But that’s not an option if you have a free subdomain.


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