Issue with CPanel

Hi there! I’m having some issues with accessing my account, CPanel. For some weird reason, I cannot log in at all. When I click on “Control Panel”, on the website, it goes to the CPanel, but it keeps loading. The same thing occurs if I enter my credentials manually. This only happens in an account assigned to “”, as I’ve tried to log in with other accounts, and I was successful. I waited for a least 10 hours after I encountered this issue with my account, although nothing has changed. If you need me to provide more details, please let me know :grinning:

I’ve had this issue before, if I remember correctly, once it starts loading, you close the tab and reopen it and that (normally) logs you in.


That happens because the javascript code for the cPanel crashed
Click the 9 buttons in the corner of the cPanel until it loads.

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Which account?

That should be fixed now. But I’m currently looking into another hosting issue which also affects the control panel.

Hi again, sorry for the delayed response. As you said, it looks like the issue has been fixed. The account was “epiz_28682839”. Thank you!

This account was affected by a database issue that happened yesterday. That has been fixed shortly after it was discovered.

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