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Hello, I’ve tried adding the free ssl certificate option and adding the correct cname to my website using this procedure but the tool still says not ready and I can’t find the “Refresh DNS Status” button.
I can see my cname records using other tools on the web but your service doesn’t recognize the cname record.
Thank you in advance for your help!
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What is the purpose of your website?

What is the purpose of your website? It looks like a google phishing website. With no about page, no terms of service or privacy for a website like yours, unsecured https and a popup that block the page completely when you first visit the site. Your website feels very cheesy.

Good day!

How long have you been waiting after adding the CNAME Record?

Because, after adding the CNAME record, you still have to wait for DNS propagation. It might take up to 72 hours (even it’s quite rare, though).


If you want to inquire about his site, PLEASE make a new topic as it isn’t related to this topic and doesn’t belong to the category your forum post is in. (Use Informal category)


As @anon67726452 said it may take 72 hours…
Please do mention your website so that we can also check.

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DNS has already been propagated and my website is

@Fury_Phoenix (This website doesn’t allow Private Message) They changed their phishing website to something else. You didn’t see it. I was going to report the website as phishing. It looked exactly like google home webpage with google logo and everything else. they even add a sign up and sign in form that pretends to be from Google right on their website and they were all served through https.The novice eye would think the website is google.

The Refresh DNS Status button disappeared when we added the subdomain support because of technical complications. So the article is out of date. We intend to add better status information in the near future.

For now, please note that your domain is using Cloudflare’s nameservers. So you’ll need to add the CNAME records to Cloudflare’s nameservers, not ours.


I have my cname record already added to Cloudflare’s panel.

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Make sure that they aren’t proxied


I made them dns only now and it works. What is the difference between proxy and dns only?

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The Proxy mode means that the CNAME won’t show the actual domain. Instead, it will point to Cloudflare’s server instead, and Cloudflare connects to the backend servers.

This is useful if the subdomain of the CNAME record is serving a website. If the CNAME record is supposed to do anything else, it won’t work because Cloudflare doesn’t forward the requests and changes the actual DNS records.


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