Is there any way to change Forum Username?

Hi Everyone,
Is there any way to change our Forum username?

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Not for now.



Dude you aren’t alright, that’s why :smiley:

Why haven’t we colonized Mars yet? Why haven’t hunger and cancer been eradicated yet?

It’s not there yet. That’s why it’s not there yet.


Hmmm, well maybe why they won’t add that ability to in future updates of this forum is to help enforce moderation. (Speculation)

As far as i know, this forum works on an sso system, not a basic login system:

Most should know that admin has work, not just manages forum all day. And I believe that to change your username whoever the SSO providor is (or it may be custom) would have to create a way of changing usernames, if it was a basic login system, a 5 minute job, but I know SSO alone is a good few hours.


Besides me, being sarcastic, is making that option as hard as what you’ve listed?

Like @HaydenANG says, the single sign on with the client area complicates things. Enabling the possibility to change usernames in Discourse is as easy as enabling a single option, but then the forum name administration in the client area no longer matches what’s in Discourse, which is not what we want.

How the relation between the client area and Discourse should work to support forum name changes is not entirely clear. It’s probably possible, but it takes effort. It’s on the client area issue tracker, but there are other things on there which have higher priority.


Ah it makes sense now, but it shouldn’t be that impossible.

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