Is there any way through which i can dynamically link Wordpress and my html code?

Hi there! i wanna know about how i can combine my WP posts with my wordpress, if that’s not possible are there some more of website builders with can accept my codes as well as can help me build the website? Also i wanna know how can i mange my website’s links for example i want to make a separate link for mobile reviews, i apologize if it’s really inconvinent for you but i am kind of new to hosting, a small help would be really appreciated. Thanks!

If you want to make WordPress look like your HTML code, the only way to do so (as far as I know) is by creating a WordPress theme with your HTML code. However, that does require you to write PHP and understand WordPress’ theming engine.

If you need to do anything specific with WordPress, you can probably find methods in the official WordPress documentation or just by Googling it. WordPress has a great plugin system and a crazy amount of plugins have been written already for it, so you can make WordPress do almost anything.

Maybe someone else here can help you too, but I don’t use WordPress enough to answer specific questions like that.

hmmmmm :cry: